Wendy Werstlein

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“I am affected by the flow and line patterns in nature and I explore these patterns and forms in my pots. I seek to communicate through my work a sense of movement and ease. As a social species we communicate through touch, visual expressions,and body language – all these voices are present in handmade objects .  I am currently living in Floyd, Virginia working as a studio potter.  My pottery is made of porcelain clay and is fired in an electric kiln to cone 10.  All pots are safe for microwave, dishwasher and oven.”

Andrea Denniston



Andrea Denniston, a transplant from Kansas, is now a full-time studio potter in Floyd, Virginia alongside her husband and fellow Terra Floyd member, Seth Guzovsky.  She received her MFA in Ceramics at Syracuse University, BFA at West Virginia University, and BA in Entrepreneurial Studies Business at Seton Hill University.  Prior to beginning graduate studies, she worked as an apprentice for studio potter Silvie Granatelli.   Andrea works primarily on the potter’s wheel with a grolleg porcelain clay.   She creates functional pieces that she hopes will find a home in everyday life and daily conversation – objects that will add “pomp” to daily life.

Josh Manning  



“I make my pots out of a proto-porcelain that is mostly wheel thrown, sometimes cast, which is fired in a gas reduction kiln. There are elements of hand-building, extruding, and mold forming incorporated throughout the body of the work. In general I am more attached to the idea or form of a potential piece; this has led me to using many different methods of making.”

Seth Guzovsky



Before Seth found Floyd he apprenticed with Mark Hewitt in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Mark trained him to turn well-thrown pottery in a production setting, while every step of the process is hand done – which Seth continues to practice in his work.  The appreciation of ash glazes, well-thrown stoneware pottery and his food love gives Seth’s pottery a traditional expression that is lavished with carved geometric patterns, juicy glazes and vessels that hold up to daily use. His work evokes that the experience of an object should be considered a function of the object: what is unknown about the piece may only be perceived through its use.  Seth  settled in Floyd, VA after assisting Silvie Granatelli in her studio along with his now wife, Andrea Denniston.  They work both collaboratively and separate in clay at Poor Farm Pottery in Floyd, VA.

Sarah McCarthy

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Sarah creates out of her new home studio in the mountains of Floyd, Virginia where she has lived for 17 years. She is a self taught potter who gained her foundation in ceramics from many exceptional potters at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.                          Her functional work is exploring the surface balance of the natural patina of raw clay and bright color. Her bright and whimsical designs hope to inspire joy and a sense of celebration. For her, making and using pots is learning to see, to pause, and to share.

Hona Leigh Knudsen

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Hona Leigh Knudsen moved to Floyd In 2009 to apprentice with renowned 16 Hands potters Richard Hensley and Donna Polseno, after graduating from West Virginia University where she majored in Ceramics. Her work is wheel thrown porcelain pottery, with each piece intended for use both in the home and kitchen. Her influences are traditional and contemporary, with a strong influence from Asian pottery in her forms as well as her glazes.